Chaz as Mark Twain

Mark Twain


I have been fobbing myself off as Mark Twain with some success. Twain is wont to ramble on about his boyhood memories,the newspaper publishing business, life on the Mississippi and frogs. Mostly, though, he likes to talk about the river.

The intent of my show is to give my audience a bit of Twain’s biography, his humor and his viewpoint. The subject for his talk is his evolving view on what is man. To illustrate his view on this subject at various points during his life, he feels compelled to give the audience some of his personal history (he being his favorite topic). His conclusions are what you might expect if you know something about Twain. It’s the journey to that conclusion that is the fun.

Check out my short video of the show.

My typical fee is $400 depending on travel.

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