Chaz Tells Fairy Tales

I take great pleasure in telling Brothers Grimm fairy tales. While most people can name a handful of Grimm tales, there are over two hundred stories that the brothers collected. Some real gems are not commonly heard.

I actually own a copy of “Kinder und hausmarchen” printed around 1843, purchased in a little, dusty used bookstore that no longer exists. It’s in two small volumes, no illustations, and entirely in German of which I can not read a word. It is, none the less, a tactile joy to hold one of the brothers’ works in my hand. I have brought them onto the stage with me as an inspiration for telling these stories.

Be warned, however, I do tell them in their original spirit, under the belief that the “grimness” of Grimm serves a purpose, and should not be disneyfied!

My usual show fee is $400 depending on travel.

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Listen to a story: The Flounder and the Fisherman.