Chaz’s “Lost Dollar” Stories

I perform Americana tales, collectively labeled as the “Lost Dollar” stories. This collection of wisdom and humorous tales make up the life of a little village stuck way back in the hills, pretty far from just about anywhere.

I have taken Applalachian humor and anecdotes and woven them into a patchwork quilt of stories. You will get to know the Right Reverend, Sam and Simon Seamore, Granny Pollard and Uncle Willard to name a few of the folks in Lost Dollar.

These are stories and humor fit for the whole family. Just ask about Uncle Willard’s Catfish. 

My usual fee is $400 depending on travel. I also like performing with the Druckenmillers, Old Time Musicians. That show is $500.

Drop me a line.

Listen to a stories: The City Slicker