Listings of Fairy Tales Covered in This Blog

Every month I intend to take one fairy tale and take a peek under its surface. For each tale for each month I will have three posts. I hope you enjoy my reflections on this ancient body of literature.

Here is a list of the tales covered.

Arthur in the Cave   July 2016

Binnorie   October 2017

Black Bull of Norroway    November 2019

Black Horse   February 2021

Blue Beard   October 2018

Blue Light     September 2012

Bremen Town Musicians     November 2012

Brother and Sister     May 2013

Buried Moon   October 2019

Cat on the Dovrefjell   December 2017

Catherine and Her Destiny   November 2017

Childe Rowland    October 2015

Cinderella     May 2012

Crystal Ball    November 2021

Curse of Pantannas    April 2020

Dancing Water, Singing Apple, and Speaking Bird    April 2019

Devil and His Grandmother    May 2015

Devil with Three Golden Hairs     March 2013

Dreams That Have No Moral   April 2021

Drowning of the Bottom Hundred     November 2016

Earl of Mar’s Daughter    November 2014

East of the Sun And West of the Moon     January 2012

Einion and the Lady of the Greenwood    December 2015

Elves     April 2013

Enchanted Deer   February 2019

Enchanted Quill    August 2015

Fair, Brown, and Trembling   March 2022

Fairy Harp   June 2019

Faithful Johannes     March 2014

Fitcher’s Bird    October 2014

Flounder & The Fisherman     March 2011

Foundling     February 2015

Frog King     August 2012

Gabriel Rider    December 2016 

Girl in the Bay Tree   November 2020

Glass Coffin     February 2014

Gnome    March 2020

Gold-Tree Silver-Tree     July 2012

Golden Bird     January 2014

Golden Children   April 2015

Golden-Headed Fish    June 2022

Golden Lamb of God   March 2017

Golden Tower at the End of the World    September 2021

Goose Girl     January 2011

Green Knight    June 2017

Habitrot   June 2018

Hans’ Fortune   December 2020

Hansel and Gretel    November 2013

Horned Women     October 2011

How Idle Lars Won Himself a Princess    August 2018

Human Flesh to Eat    August 2019

Iron Hans     January 2016

Iron Shoes    January 2023

Iron Stove    January 2019

Jew in the Thornbush    November 2015

Jorinda and Joringel    February 2016

Juniper Tree     November 2011

Kate Crackernuts     April 2014

King of the Waterfalls    January 2021

King Thrushbeard     July 2011

King Wyvern    October 2016

Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh    May 2011

Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh (revisited)   May 2021

Lambton Worm    July 2020

Lettuce Donkey   May 2017

Little Gold Bird   January 2018

Llanfabon Changeling   November 2022

Magic Box   July 2022 

Maid Maleen     August 2013

Maiden Without Hands     February 2012

Master Thief     January 2013

Mother Holle    September 2014

Nine Pea-hens and the Golden Apples    September 2020

Nixie in the Pond   January 2015

Old Rinkrank     February 2013

Old Woman in the Wood   June 2014

Pink Flower   July 2015

Poor Miller’s Apprentice and the Cat   February 2023

Power of Saint Tegla’s Well   April 2018

Prince in a Swoon   July 2018

Prince in Disguise    August 2021

Prince Swan     May 2016

Prince Who Would Seek Immortality    May 2019 

Princess Who Became a Man     September 2013

Princess’s Kerchief   June 2020

Puss in Boots    April 2016 

Puss in Boots    (revisited) August 2020

Queen Bee     October 2012

Quest for the Fair One of the World    May 2018

Rapunzel     December 2010

Raven     October 2013

Red Cow    January 2020

Red Ettin    September 2022

Riddle     July 2013

Rumplestiltskin     April 2012

Salt   December 2018

Sea-Hare   April 2017

Seven Kids     August 2011

Seven Ravens   May 2022

Sea Maiden    September 2016

Shepherd of Myddvai   July 2017

Singing Bone   June 2016

Singing Springing Lark   March 2019

Six Swans     June 2013

Sleeping Beauty in the Wood   February 2022

Snake Prince     January 2022

Snow Maiden     April 2011

Snow Queen     December 2013

Snow White     June 2012

Sprig of Rosemary     December 2011

Story of The Three Wonderful Beggars    December 2021

Sweetheart Roland    September 2018

Swallowed Court   October 2021

Tam Lin    March 2016

Three Army Surgeons   October 2022

Three Feathers     March 2015

Three Head of the Well    July 2021

Three Kingdoms    February 2020

Three Languages    March 2018

Three Little Men in the Wood    June 2011

Three Oranges   August 2022

Three Pennies   June 2021

Three Rowan Trees   June 2015

Three Snake Leaves   July 2014

Toad Bride   September 2015

Tom Moore and the Seal Woman   July 2019

True Bride   August 2017

Turnip Princess     March 2012

Twelve Brothers    April 2022

Twelve Dancing Princesses     September 2011

Twelve Huntsmen   August 2016

Two Brothers    August 2014

Underworld Adventure   November 2018

Vasilisa the Beautiful     December 2012

Virgin Mary’s Child      May 2014

Water of Life    December 2019

What Came of Picking Flowers   March 2021

White Snake     February 2011

Wicked Sisters   February 2018

Winter Rose     December 2014

The Wren    September 2017

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