Special Announcement Reminder

Hi All,

My book, A Vacant Throne, is now available for free until May 10. If you love fantasy and/or cats, this is the book for you.

Trueterra is a world of cats. One in which Puss in Boots would have been comfortable. This thoughtful fantasy novel follows Sunny, a typical housecat, through a picture frame into a medieval world that awaits him. He appears to fulfill a prophecy, but he must grow into the role of hero to perform the task that lay destined in his path.

Ultimately, it is a story about purpose and new direction, discovery and consideration, life and death, with a little bit of fate thrown in.

The amazon link is Here. (If that does not work, go to Amazon Books and enter “A Vacant Throne Charles Kiernan” into search.)

I am, of course, looking for book reviews, honest book reviews, please. Plus, you can then join my email list and receive another free e-book Stories and Poems of Trueterra. This is the never-ending book. Periodically, you will receive the updated version of the work to replace the previous one, which will have additional poems and stories from Trueterra.

I truly hope you enjoy.

Charles K.

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