Fairy Tale of the Month: Mid-month Fantasy Promotion

This mid-month promotion is about cats. 99¢ cats at that (well, cats and other creatures).

My book, A Vacant Throne: Dreams of the Sleeping Cat, will be on sale for 99¢ from February 19 to 25 on Amazon.

Trueterra is a world of cats. One in which Puss in Boots would have been comfortable. This thoughtful fantasy novel follows Sunny, a typical housecat, through a picture frame into a medieval world that awaits him. He appears to fulfill a prophecy, but he must grow into the role of hero to perform the task that lay destined in his path.

Ultimately, it is a story about purpose and new direction, discovery and consideration, life and death, with a little bit of fate thrown in.

One of my cohorts in this cross promotion is Bader M. Alsadeqi  with The Chosen Rainheart: A Grand Epic Fantasy (Daedalusian Legends Series).

In the magical rich world of Daedalus, there is a dark and immutable cycle fueled by the everyday evils practiced by the Humans, Elves, Beastfolk, and all races who inhabit the continents of the mortal world, due to an irreversible curse that will unknowingly and forever be passed on to their descendants, just as they had inherited it from their ancestors.

My other cohort is Mason Bell with her Galactic Fun Park: Book One.

Welcome to Galactic fun park, a universe of fun for kids… and the animals that live there! As the park gets more and more popular, careless visitors drop more food, which in turn feeds the critters who call The Galactic fun park home. Win ,Win. Right?

Except that the humans don’t want to share their park with critters and hire a greedy and overzealous exterminator.

Discover an unseen theme park world in this funny and fast-paced Middle-Grade chapter book.

Check us out Here.

And thanks.

PS. If these books are not at 99¢ on Amazon at the time you are checking, check back later.

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